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Hi guys I am back!!! I have so much to tell you and what I’ve been up to. I’ve had so much fun and I want to share it with you!!! Well you should all know my name by now but if you don’t my names Estelle, my nicknames are Animal Girl, Animal Nerd and sometimes Stella. I have 1 brother named Daniel 1 sister called Isabella, I have 5 pets called Chouch Shat ( she’s a cat ) Chester my pet pigeon he is brown with a silver ring round his ankle, ( he dose so many funny tricks like dancing ). Hi guys me and my family went to the pet shop to buy my brother and sisters birthday present my brother choose a pet Guinea Pig he has a funny face half of his face is white and the other side black his name is Max. My sister got a bunny it is grey and mega fluffy so she called it Fluffy and we will be going to the pet shop again to get another Guinea Pig for Daniel and a pet bunny for me! I cant wait. Hi guys guess WHAT when I got home my family said that there’s a suprise for me and Daniel in the kids room and guess what when I got in there was the bunny hut and the guinea pig hut and in the hut there was 2 bunny’s and 2 guinea pigs! I took out my new pet bunny her fur was so soft and it was the colour of a flame I asked my mam what should I call her and she said ” maybe Amber ” so I called her Amber and Daniel called his Guinea Pig Voldemort he was all black accept for a white and brown patch on his but. Sadly over the weeks and weeks Amber died we still don’t know how but I do know that I have never had a pet like her she was the best pet I ever had.

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  1. Dear Estelle,
    Thanks for posting about you on your blog. I like how you followed the cyber smart rules and not included personal information about yourself. You have so many pets at your house. Can you tell me some stories about your pets?

    From Fiona

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