Hi this is my arts page here on this page i will show you my art work on this page…

Here is a photo of my face collage


Here is my art reflection….

I really like art with Candida I want to tell you what I’ve been doing with her too we have learnt about collages we had a artist come in and teach us about how to do perfect collages and then we made one ourself out of everyday stuff. We had a theme as well the theme was healthy body so we had to find pictures like apples, carrots, running, horse ridding, jumping,sliding and even words saying stuff like sport and eating even healthy. After we sorted our art folders out Candida told us that we will be making a collage of our choice and we could pick groups I was in a group with Hamish and Nausica we chose to do a lake with a forest and mountains in the background we had 2 weeks to finish, the finished project was amazing I can’t wait to find out what’s next.


Semester 2 Art Reflection


I learnt:

I learnt that you can almost make art out of anything, leaves, twigs, fabric, plastic, cotton, feathers even hair and fur. I also learnt that art does not have to be a picture it can be a model, random colours or even a mask. I learnt that berfore you go off and make some art you should really explore the types of art.


I enjoyed:

I enjoyed making the collage with my group it was really fun we also used lots of fabrics and patterened paper. I also enjoyed doing paper quilling. We made lots of cool paper quill paterns. I also loved making the mosaic.

How I worked I a group:

I worked well in my groups and a good example was the collage when I worked in a group with Hamish and Nausica we did not have any fights and we all agreed and got on well.

I think Art is:

I think art is really cool and amazing because there is not one type of art there’s models, collages, portrits, mosaics and much more. Art also helps me in maths because of the shapes.


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