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Hi there this is my big write page here is my big write from the 22nd of March…


The Magic Book

On a warm spring day Alice a pretty blond haired girl with ruby red lips, had bought a new book called Wonder Land. She was looking for a place to read it when she saw a big old oak tree, and at the bottom it had a opening for her to go inside the big oak tree. When she got inside she sat down and was lying against the wall she opened the book, when it opened the book a loud gun-shot like sound and the wall she was leaning against wasn’t there anymore it was gone! She was falling backwards ” ARRRRRRRR” Alice screamed she had never felt as scared in her life.

The New World

She was falling faster and faster and deeper and deeper and when suddenly she landed on something, ” where am I?” said Alice who was very very scared now still clutching her book in her hand she got to her feet trembling saying is anyone there, just then a door appeared she opened the door to see a entire new world as she stepped through the door it slammed shut she was not worried anymore she felt a new emotion happafied it’s when your happy and terrified at the same time. All she could see were big tall plants and trees all greenery but some of the plants were yellow and some blue! There were funny creatures like a rhino with a ducks head and a butterfly with a monkey’s head and tail! She knew for sure she was not in Calbraua anymore. Then she saw a blue caterpillar surrounded by mice with elephant heads! But the caterpillar was about the size of Alice! She walked over and said ” we’re am I and who are you?” asked Alice the caterpillar just stared and then said ” you are in Wonder Land I am Rufus who are you?” Alice started looking around and then said ” I’m Alice from Calbraua” she replied ” who are you?” Asked the caterpillar who was gazing at the door ” I’m Alice ” she replied but the caterpillar still gazed on.

Which Way

She walked away from the caterpillar but it called after her ” YOU ARE THE RIGHTFUL RULER OF THIS LAND YOU ARE THE ONE WHO WILL KILL THE BAGERLOCK AND SISE THE THRONE FROM THE WICKED QUEEN OF HEARTS!” Alice stopped the word kill the Bagerlock still ringing in her head and the word Queen of Hearts she thought she heard that from somewhere but continued to walk and stopped at a sight post and looked up to see a purple cat. ” helloooooo ” said the cat in a lazy sly voice ” errrr hello ” replied Alice ” we’ll which way is it?” Asked the cat in the same lazy voice Alice looked up at the sign post and read out then one pointing to the left that was pointing to a spooky forest TO THE BAGERLOCKS HOME I WOUND NOT GO THERE IF I WERE YOU! Then Alice look back at the cat ” arrrrrrr” we’re are you we’re your body the cats body had disappeared only the eyes were there “don’t you remember me I’m Jessie the disappearing cat don’t you remember any of us Rufus, me, Mad Hatter, The Hare, Molly, The Ice Queen we are all your friends we all helped you” said Jessie I really don’t remember” said Alice sounding confused and a bit worried ” well the sooner you remember the better because your the one who will save us from the Queen of Hearts and the wicked Bargerlock ”




The Tiger and the Monkey

One day a little cheeky monkey named John lived in Bluebell forest. One day a tiger named Tilly was passing through the forest, so John made fun of her strips. Later that day John was captured by humans and they started poking sticks at him. When it turned night John cried for help but no one heard him except for Tilly she used her strips to hide then cut the rope and as they ran into the forest John learnt that….

Moral: No matter what they look like they can still be a great friend.

Goal: To use at least 4 WOW Words to describe the character.


Proceder text

How to make Halloween Decorations!


How to make Halloween Decorations is super easy give it a try with these easy steps good luck…


– Pumpkins

– Knife

– Black Paper

– Candles

– Googly Eyes

– Scissors

– Spoon

– String



Step 1: Get 1 of your pumpkins and grab your knife and cut off the top and do this to all of your pumpkins.

Step 2: Get out a spoon and spoon out the inside of the pumpkins so they are hollow then put the candle inside.

Step 3: Then cut out a face for the pumpkin you can cut out a spooky scary face or a happy nice face.

Step 4: Then on Halloween when its quite dark light the candle and watch it glow

I hope you had fun building your spooky pumpkins now watch then glow.

Now for the Bats


Step 1: Cut out a bat shape out of the black paper that you have if you want the bats to look good try cut out some more.

Step 2: Put a pair of googly eyes on them and tie string to them and you got yourself some bats.

Hope you hade fun making

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  1. Dear Estelle,

    I really enjoyed reading your story. You have included wonderful descriptive words and made it engaging for the reader. I hope you continue your fantastic work.

    From Fiona

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