Hi there on this page I’m going to show my inquiry work this is when we had to write a letter to England this is what I wrote…

Dear Family, Friends and Relitives

Ever since I set foot on this strange new land , I have noticed that the food is completely different and the buildings are really strange but they look the same, but they don’t have the sitting rooms at the front of the house. My job over here is a builder I helped build the Werribee Mansion it was a very big task but we finally made it. Well I’ve got to go now hope life’s good in England bye.

Yep I came from England and the next day we were learning about what Italians brought over to Australia hers some examples…

Italian Immigrants

* Pizza

My Inquiry Question

My Inquiry Question is What was the Aboriginal Lifestyle was before the Europeans came.

What stuff we will have…

Blog, Imovie, Poster, Keynote, Boomerangs, Digeridoos

My new Inquiry question is… How to build and design a better Skateboard

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