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My Reflection

Week – 5

This week I enjoyed…

– Planing a skateboard with my partner Nausica.

– I found it funny that the main thing that the skateboard will be made out of is floor boards.

– I found it enjoyable that we can build the project.

I learnt…

– Planing a skateboard can be quite difficult.

– There are lots of different stuff needed for a skateboard to be made.

– Wheels cost a lot of money.

Challenges I faced…

– Getting materials.

Next Week I am going to…

– Start getting the materials.

– Start building.

– Start designing a design


Robotics Reflection

What I did…

When we arrived we went inside the building and we sat down on these very high and big steps. Then some people talked to us and told us about what we were doing. Then we went inside and got paired up with a year 9 my partner was Nausica and our year 9 is called Dylan. Then he asked our names and then he got up the computer and showed us some designs we chose the alligator the he clicked on the alligator and then we watched a movie about what the alligator will do the alligator opens and closes its mouth.

Week 6


This week I found out…

– That wheels cost lots of money

– You need lots of wood


I learnt that…

– You need a thin piece of wood the nice and smooth and you also need a thick piece of wood that can hold your body weight

I like the idea of building a skate board


  1. To have the skateboard built by week 8
  2. To pick a good design to paint on the skateboard
  3. To successfully test the skateboard when its built

Inquiry Reflection


This week I am going to get the wood for the skateboard
This week I am going to attach the wood together

My goals for next week are

1. To put the wheels on the skateboard.
2. To make sure the wood is safe.
3. To make sure the wheels will stay on.

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