Healthly, Mind, Body and Spirit

Hi there and welcome to my Health Page I’m going to tell you how to be fit and healthy. I will tell you about Cross Country and what happened and I will tell you what foods are good and what’s bad.

Cross Country

As we got off the bus at Presidents Park

– Meditation

– What I wonder? I wonder how many different types of Meditation there is?

– What I enjoyed? I enjoyed listening to the music and getting a chance to relax.

– Beep Test

– What I wonder?

Today Serene and Portia’s mum came in. She’s a personal trainer she told us how to keep fit. She works for Foot Cross.

Sleep Facts

1. We need sleep for our bodies to repair it’s self, if we didn’t sleep we would die of tiredness.

2. When your asleep you spend more time growing then when your awake.

3. When you didn’t get much sleep you will feel tired and lazy.

My Question

How do you keep the body fit?

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