Hi there this is my math page here’s some of my awesome work…


I can make a map…

Candy Island


Marshmallow Volcano

Cookie Island

Sour rainbow strip land

Gummy Bear Island


I can make legends…

Hey there today we went to the wet lands here’s a map that me,Kaseylae and Regina made…

Here are the legends…


I can create a accurate map….


Hi there today I’m going to be a chef! I have to prepare a Easter Lunch lets get started

I can prepare a Easter Lunch 6 people only using $100.

I have $100 to spend I hope you like what I choose this is who’s coming…

– Me
– Nausica
– John
– Ethan
– Bastain
– Hamish

This is what I choose for my entree…

Bakers life premium Hot Cross Buns

How much…


This is what I choose for my Main Meal…

Glazed Salmon Fillets

How much…


This is what I choose for my Dessert…

Dairy Fine Chocolate Easter Figures

How much…


This is what I choose for the Easter Treat…

Dairy Fine Chocolate Easter Bunny

How much…


Total Money Left…


My Restaurant Rules

I’m in a group with Hamish, Me, Ethan, Bastain and we have to create a meal.

Here are our restaurant rules…

1. Listen to each other team members.
2. Have fun.

Here’s my Maths reflection


Travel Project


Hi there I’ve started a new maths project the title of it is Travel Project what you have to do is create a flight agency and pick a name to call it our name is Wings around the World!!! Well then when you have your name you pick what country’s your going to go to we picked London,Hawaii,USA.


Open Ended Maths


The Special Dice


I need the dice to have a 1/2 chance that it will land on red, how can i make it that it has the correct chance?


My Working Out

A dice has 6 sides so
that means 3 of the sides
are red and the other 3
sides are a different
they could be blue
or green or yellow.


Maths Reflection


When we started this maths project I had no group then I joined Hamish and Zack. Later on we were getting on good but then it started to colapes with only one person doing the work and the others playing games. But then as we went on we started to all do some work. But then we had a big fight because someone said they joined another group and the other had one person short. Then we started arguing then Fiona sorted it out and the two groups joined and became one big group. My group members were now Me, Hamish, Zack, Ethan and Bastain. Later on not long after the two groups joined one person quit the group. So the rest contiuned doing extra work later on they got there draft for there town all done. Then they started working on the real thing. Then 2 or 3 days later they were presenting it all went well and then the group desided that Ethan can take home the the map of the town.

One thought on “Maths

  1. Hi Estelle,

    You have shown a great understanding of maps including creating legends and scales. Keep up your great work.

    From Fiona

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