My Reflection Page

The goals I have achieved this Semester…


– To understand the types of poetry by searching the types of poetry.
– To understand how to write a recount I know how to write a recount because I practise at home.


– I know my 1s,2s,3s,4s,5s,9s,10s and 11s times tables because I practise a lot at home and school.
– I now know rotational symmetry rotational symmetry is when you can turn a shape and it still looks the same.

Personal Learning…

– I can get most of my work done by working by myself.
– I can work without going off task.

Interpersonal Learning…

– I know what makes a great team teamwork, sharing, caring and being respectful.
– I know how to work great in a team because I try to work in groups.


My Design and Technology


When we started this project I thought that it might be really boring. But I was really wrong I chose to build a skateboard then a couple of days later my friend Nausica asked if she could join me and help me build the skateboard. We got straight to work after me doing a lot of explaining. Day 1: We got to work planing and designing. We worn’t getting straight into building it yet, we just brain stormed some ideas for patterns on the skateboard and what wood and wheels we would use. Day 2: When we had our next D and T we started picking what wood and wheels we would use we got the wood and wheels picked now we just had to pick a nice design that would go with the wood and wheels. Day 3: Me and Nausica were now determined to pick a pattern and deside who’s getting what we ended up with me builing the board and Nausica getting the wheels and the pattern we chose was flowers. Day 4: We done our reflection and then set off to find a table and chairs we found a table and sat down and got to work. Day 8: A couple of days later it was time to present me and Nausica set up on a small table on the retreat we set up our secret suprise our raffle, we also put on the table some chews as prizes if you win the raffle and a chrome and my ipad. We took it in turns going round and exploring the other stalls. Then me and Nausica anounced the winner of the raffle it was Sideny.

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