Performing Arts

Hi there this is my performing arts page here I will show you what I have been up to in performing arts we have learnt a lot from Angela in semester 1 like…

– Game Creations – We created our own game about performing arts. My game was called Guess What.
– Mime – We learnt that in mime you can’t talk, you must use body language and facial expression.
– Acting – I learnt that a good act is mainly from just being yourself and havering fun.

What we’re learning….

– clowning

I can’t wait to start here’s a video of my first Clowning…

I can…

Be a clown…









Do you like them?


Performing Arts Reflection


What I have learnt…

– I have learnt what makes a effective performance. A effective performance has sound, movement, facial expression and more.

– I have learnt more about the country England. England’s capital city is London.

– I have learnt that a traditional food in England is the yorkshire pudding.

– I have learnt that


What I have enjoyed…


– I enjoyed the OLSC’s Got Talent and performing in front of the whole learning group.

– I enjoyed working with my group for the heritage project members in my group Jack.p, James.T,

– I enjoyed it when me and my partner Nausica made it through to the seconed round of OLSC’s Got Talent.

– I enjoyed watching other people perform.

– I enjoyed getting the chance to perform in front of other people.

– I liked presenting me and my groups heritage project.

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