Hi there and this is my epic religion page I will show and tell you about Jesus and Mary and the Disciples and most of all God here is a pic collage of a story told by Luke and another told by Mathew…



When I lost hope…

I lost hope when my Nanna and Granda were at my house and my Nanna fainted and didn’t wake up until 20 minutes passed.



Today we had to do something in Lent heres what I done…

– Save my money for stuff I might need in the future.

– Put money in the box for the poor.

– Help people in the community.

– Don’t download anymore games that cost money.

– Help cook dinner.

St Vincent de Paul Society

Disability Employment:

Having a job means you can live a little better. Having a job is a great opportunity for people with a disability to socialise.

Aged Care:

The society has a strong commitment to supporting the aged care. They would make sure the old get the right type of nursing home.


The society also has a breakfast club and a soup van that goes round delivering soup to the people of Australia.

Family Violence:

St Vincent also helps out with family violence, they help people who have been injured or mistreat it get back to there normal lives.

Domestic Violence:

St Vincent even provides help with domestic violence. Domestic violence it means when someone is on drugs.

I believe that the most important one is food because without it people who are homeless will have nothing to eat so that’s were St Vincent came up with the soup van and breakfast club.

I believe that I can help, when I see a homeless person that I give them money to buy food and water.

Meditation Reflection Week 2….

When we had to sit down I felt…

– Happy
– ( tiny bit boring )
– Calm

What did I think about after the silence…

– I felt like we should do it every week
– I felt very happy and calm

When we went out side we walked around in a circle slowly I felt…

– Happy
– Calm
– Joyful
– Peaceful

When we came back inside I thought about…

– How that really helped me and I prefer that one.


I think Confirmation is when you get accepted by the Holy Spirit and by God and you accept them.

Definition for Confirmation…

Confirmation is when you accept the Holy Spirit and God.

Zero Footprint Youth Calculator


My Goals:

– Try to recycle metal.

– Throw out less left over food.

– Try to turn old stuff into something new.

– Don’t just always walk try to ride my bike or scooter.


My Special Pray


In the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit amen

Dear God thank you for creating us and being by our side since the special moment when we were born, thank you for helping us and caring for us. Please bless the poor and soldiers, and please bless us for the remainder of the week and weekend. Please bless the people in the hospital and watch over our family and friends.

Amen in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit amen


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  1. Hi Estelle,

    You have completed a great Venn Diagram. What program did you use to do this? I would also like you to post more of your Religion work on this page.

    From Fiona

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